Series Rubber Seal Strip
              EPDM Seal Strips
              EPDM foam(sponge)strip
              EPDM composite seal
              Silica gel Seal strip
              Silicone foam sealing
              PVC Seal strip
              PVC decorative seal
              TPE elastomer seal
              Retardant sealing strip
              Fireproofing swell rubber seal
              Nitrile rubber sealing strip
              Neoprene Seal strip
         Doors and Windows sealed
              U-car trim
              Wooden door seal slot
              Doors of self-adhesive sealed
              Automatic revolving door seal
              Frameless glass door seal
              Warehouse door seal
              Fire doors and windows seal
              Doors and Windows sealed
              Pu foam-coated sealing strip
         Series Seal Strip for Vehicle
              Automotive decorative seal
              Door three composite seal
              Container Seal
              Windscreen Seal Strip
              Sponge Seal Strip for Car Doors
              Windshield Seal
              Automotive door glass slide seal
              Molded seals
              Bus sealing strip
              Electric car seal
              High Speed Rail train sealing
              Wiper seal
         Bin cover seal
              Electric Seal
              Seal Strip for Machine Cabinets
              Cabinet waterproof seal
              Seal Strip for Cabinets Doors
              Oven seal
              Steam cabinet seal
              Refrigerator seal
              Lip seal
         Composite seal
              hard and soft two composite seal
              Three composite sealing strip
              Silicone composite seal
              PVC color composite seal
              TPE+PP soft and hard seal
              PVC composite trim strip
              PVC light word sidebar
              PVC edging seal
         Various shapes seal
              D-type seal
              E-type seal
              L-type seal
              O-type seal
              p-type seal
              T-type seal
              U-type seal
              Rectangular sealing strip
         Insulation sealing
              Conductive sealing strip
              Insulation Seal
              Retardant sealing strip
              Dust curtain
              Inflatable seal
              Rubber block dust curtain
              EPMD Rubber Tube
              Silicone tube
              Rubber mat
              Seal Strip Bridges
              deformation joint sealing strip
              Rubber conveyor belt
              Rubber, EVA, PE foam board

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EPDM rubber strips are formed by microwave vulcanization process. The surface is smooth and beautiful, has good elasticity and anti-compression deformation, weather resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance and wide operating temperature range (-40 ~ +120 ) and other excellent performance, has been automobile doors and windows curtain wall and other manufacturing widely used. For different shapes, different materials, or cold, heat, foam, real body, as well as with special performance requirements of the product, can meet the design and use needs.

main effect:
Pest control
Sound insulation
Manufacturing Standards:
1, GB12002-89 "steel doors and windows with seal"
2, GB320 281NAF05-2000 "building walls with vulcanized rubber seal"
3, ISO3934 (GB10712) "Building rubber gaskets - sealed glass windows and panels of preformed solid vulcanized rubber material - Specification"
4, TB 1964-87 "Passenger car doors and windows with a seal test method"
5, TB 1444-83 "diesel locomotive rubber technical conditions"
6, HG / T 3088-1987 "vehicle doors and windows rubber seal"
Product Type: Features:
EPDM rubber seal (EPDM)
* Steel braided frame composite seal
Rubber seal
Foam seal
The use of microwave curing process of a molding, the surface smooth and beautiful without a trace.
* Has good flexibility and compression deformation, anti-aging performance.
* Flame-retardant performance, low smoke, low toxicity.
  Part of the product diagram (other ways can be customized):

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