Series Rubber Seal Strip
          Doors and Windows sealed
          Series Seal Strip for Vehicle
          Bin cover seal
          Composite seal
          Various shapes seal
          Insulation sealing

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    Hebei Juhang Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise which integrates production, processing, import and export trade. Our company is located in Qinghe County, Hebei Province Science and Technology Parks three sheep Street, traffic developed, the Beijing-Kowloon Railway, 308 National Road, Silver Expressway runs through things from Shijiazhuang and Jinan Airport 150 km, the main production of advanced large- 5 pieces of microwave vulcanization line, 10 sets of rubber and plastic extruder, 12 sets of flat vulcanizing machine and 3 sets of injection molding machine. We specialize in producing all kinds of materials such as compound extrusion, single extrusion, rubber and plastic product butt molding, injection molding, Standard parts, O-ring, the annual production capacity of 5600 tons or more. At the same time with physical and chemical room, measuring room, testing and measurement equipment, and more than 30,000 kinds of seal mold, has formed a raw material configuration, mold development, product molding one-stop production line model. The company made full use of the advantages of technical personnel developed with the industry-leading level of EPDM rubber seals, EPDM foam (sponge) rubber, rubber seals, PVC seal, high temperature (320 ℃) Silicone strip, non-halogen flame retardant seal, dense - sponge - steel core composite, four composite seal, soft plastic - hard plastic composite strip, dense - rubber - static flocking seal, PVC / CPVC / ABS / TPE material extrusion compound strip,     thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) sealing strip, decorative strip, plastic door and window seal, aluminum alloy door and window strip, door and window shockproof seal, door bottom automatic seal Door seals, door seals, door seals, door seals, door seals, refrigerator door seals, container seals, refrigerated trucks seal, Van Seal, cold storage door seals, automotive seals, door glass slide bar, door sponge tape, Seal of the windshield, car doors and windows seal, train doors and windows seals, subway seals, high-speed train seals, marine seal tape, lamp sealing strip, security door seal, mechanical seal, flame retardant strips, fire expansion P-type, D-type, O-type, V-type, U-type, J-type, L-type, with the adhesive seal, Universal EPDM foam flexible seal, color seal, electrical seal tape, cabinet seals, cabinet door seals, special corner trim, styrene butadiene rubber, neoprene sealing strip, nitrile foam PE foam board (strip), PE foam board (strip), PE foam board (article), PE foam board (article) Rubber hose, rubber hose, cloth rubber hose, high pressure hose, high pressure hose, nitrile rubber hose, silicone tube (rubber), rubber foam board (article), polystyrene foam board (article), highway, railway, bridge rubber expansion joint series; Rubber products, rubber seals (pad) products, the use of performance in the same industry leading position, the products have been sold throughout the country and exported to Europe and America, Japan, France, the United States, Australia, Taiwan and Southeast Asia and other regions, praised by foreign businessmen. With the domestic Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, more than 720 steel doors and windows, curtain wall decoration companies, automobiles, trains, aircraft, ship manufacturers to establish a solid matching supply and demand, long-term relations of cooperation.
      The company also has a standard modern workshop, professional and technical personnel and advanced production equipment, mainly produces all kinds of resin precision injection products and PP, PE, TPE, ABS, PVC, PS and other plastic injection products. Product quality is stable and reliable, high-pressure test by 300PSI. The product has passed SGS environmental certification / ROHS certification and the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center (Beijing North Third Ring Road on the 14th Beijing Chemical Industry Research Institute) test qualified. If I need the company's products, we in the industry the lowest price for your service.
      The company's aim is: the same product than the price, the same price than quality, the user's request is always our efforts to improve the standard.
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