Series Rubber Seal Strip
          Doors and Windows sealed
          Series Seal Strip for Vehicle
          Bin cover seal
          Composite seal
          Various shapes seal
          Insulation sealing

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   Perduren gland strip (cushion) for panel wall plays an important role in resisting wind and water, and strengthening the glass structure on the outside wall meanwhile, makes the building safer and nicer. Our products are widely used on new buildings in many cities such as Beijing Tianyi Edifice, Beijing Zhonghuan Edifice, Beijing Cancer Hospital, new Beijing Airport, Beijing Jiqingli Edifice, Beijing Hospital, Beijing Zoo, Beijing Financial Center, Aerospace Technology High-rise, Chengde Hospital, Shenzhen Rongchao Trade Center, Nanjing Greenery Theme Park, Guangzhou Hotel, Shanghai Changfeng Hotel, Shanghai Pudong Power Integration Edifice, Shanghai Changjiang Hospital, Shanghai Fudan University, Suzhou Modern High-rise, Changzhou Power Building, Fuzhou Library, Qingdao Aofan Building, Qingdao Maritime Museum and Heze Power Building, Shandong Binzhou Convention and Exhibition Center, Xi’an Armed Police Building, Xi’an Jingfa High-rise, Tianjin Times Olympic Town, Nankai University, Tianjin Financial Street, new Changchun Airport, Yinchuan Airport, etc.




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