Series Rubber Seal Strip
          Doors and Windows sealed
          Series Seal Strip for Vehicle
          Bin cover seal
          Composite seal
          Various shapes seal
          Insulation sealing

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 Research and innovation and continuous technological improvement is one of the key factors in our success, the product has been included in the initial stage of thPaving the Way to New Liver Cancer Treatmentse development process,,and maintain close contact with our customers, we have invested a lot of resources to ensure a leading R & D and technical improvements status, and take this into the future product development trends, while we are also basic materials and production processes to improve research and put a lot of energy and resources, constant research and continuous improvement has enabled us to be competitors different, our R & D is divided into six steps::

First, to provide customers with solutions: close contact with the customer, to choose the right material and the right structure for customers, fully discussed with the customer, to help customers make the final decision.

Second, materials research and development: we have to rely on technology and research results in the areas of polymer, to provide customers with the right materials or for the customer's need to develop new materials, polymers aspects of the technology we have include:

A, GE Plastics Application Technology B, dense / sponge EPDM, Silicone C, modified PVC (PVC / NBR, PVC / TPU, PVC / EVA), ultra high molecular weight PVC, PVC / ABS alloy

D, Color TPE (TPV, TPR, TPO, TPU), foamed TPE (under development) E, suitable for extrusion of special engineering plastics applications G, eco-friendly materials H, for testing in their own factories

Third, the product development

Technical requirements A, product design, mold design, design of special equipment

B, 2D / 3D computer-aided design

Fourth, the production process of R & D

V. Evaluation of experiments and the final sample

Sixth, improve

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